Five Elegant Apartments

In a old fashioned Villa in the hearth of Naples

Casa Rubinacci

Mariano Rubinacci has the pleasure to inaugurate a luxury holidays villa “Casa Rubinacci: five apartments, furnished and decorated in Rubinacci style with an old fashioned atmosphere in the center of the partenopean city.
A familiar and exclusive setting that make your stay in Neaples absolutely unforgetable, thanks to the exeptional service that are avalaible for guest.

The apartments

In the hearth of the partenopean city , Rubinacci’s family have created a little timeless world, far from caos and routine.
The member of Rubinacci’s family have mantained and improved the tradition of tailoring who make it famous in the world, they have opened the door of their luxury suites merging the nobility of Casa Rubinacci with the modernity of its interior.
Every appartaments takes its own name and characteristics from a valuable fabric: Seta, Lino, Vignogna, Cashmere, that make it unique and indipendent.
Only an expert hand, capable of dictating and shaping fashions, could baste and shape a historical residence like a tailor-made suit to a new shape
Ideal for those who want to experience this city going beyond stereotypes, tasting its history and vanities, without losing its most authentic taste

Rubinacci Experience

Booking a Casa Rubinacci apartment does not mean choosing just one place to stay but choosing to live a unique experience. You will be able to visit one of the most beautiful cities in the world, breathe the traditions and scents of Campania and, at the same time, enjoy the luxury, relaxation and activities that you prefer. One of the most incredible and real experiences proposed by Casa Rubinacci? Bespoke week.

Visit Naples

Casa Rubinacci is located in a strategic position for those who want to discover Naples, a city to visit at least once in their lifetime.

The sea, the taste. Many are the place to visit and to see and many are the experience to live.

Scopri la nostra Mappa Interattiva con monumenti, musei, ristoranti e altri luoghi d’interesse e programma il tuo tour guidato.

Discover Casa Rubinacci

Discover Casa Rubinacci

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