Una settimana su misura

The bespoke week is one of the most incredible and real experience you could do in your life, having also the possibility of visiting one of best city in the world.
Once you get to our Neapolitan Headquarter, it seems to be in the past, to be hosted in a Gentlemen Club where you can feel comfortable like to be in a living room with friends.
In our Atelier you will find the great art/taste of Neapolitan tailoring.
This style is become more and more popular rather than the British one, probably at the moment the more required.
Our craftsman are mixed in a group of old and young man in order to keep and spread to the next generation, the secrets of Neapolitan Tailoring.
Regarding Casa Rubinacci, the bespoke week includes a bespoke garments as a suit or a jacket and a free staying at our Luxurious apartments of 6 nights, 7 days.
If you desire you can spend more time at Casa Rubinacci at 150 € per night.
The Bespoke week costs 4.800 € ( plus Vat if necessary) then you could choose a more expensive fabric , paying an extra  , as per our policy we take the deposit of 50 % for your bespoke order 2.400 € .
We could schedule  two fittings at the presence of Mr. Luca /Mariano Rubinacci or our master tailor, during the week  and we can ship to your address when the garments will be ready.

To make the journey more enjoyable and unique, we could provided some services as the Chef in the house, Italian cooking lessons, an amazing excursion on a boat, Neapolitan breakfast.

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